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"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

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Twitter is a popular micro-blogging tool. It is often used by individuals to described what they are doing or thinking. This can help build and support a community through sharing of both work-related and social activities.

Use of Twitter at IWMW

The event hashtag for the next IWMW is '#iwmw12'.

If you have a Twitter ID or if you are considering getting one you can:

  • Follow the IWMW or IWMWlive accounts.
  • Follow the hastags Twitter ID and use '#iwmw13' in your tweets. This will mean that tweets will be aggregated with others containing the same tag.

If you don't have a Twitter ID and do not wish to set up an account you can still:


The IWMW Twitter account is intended to support the administrative aspects of the event. The IWMW-live account will be used to provide 'live blogging' of the plenary talks.

The following policies have been established.

The IWMW Twitter account will be used to deliver official communications related to the IWMW event. A number of people from the organising committee will contribute to the account including Brian Kelly and Marieke Guy.
Numbers of Twitter Posts
We recognise that an excessive amount of Twitter posts (tweets) may be annoying for Twitter followers who make use of dedicated Twitter clients or have tweets delivered via to their mobile phone. We will therefore seek to keep the number of Twitter posts to an acceptable level.
Following Followers
Twitter users who follow the 'iwmw' account will be followed by the accounts. If you do not wish this to happen you should feel free to block the 'iwmw' accounts.
Quality of Service
The Twitter service is based on a number of third party services. UKOLN cannot accept responsibility for delays or failures for twitter posts to be delivered.

RSS Feed for IWMW Twitter Account

The @IWMW Twitter account has an RSS feed which you can add to your RSS reader. The RSS feed is embedded below.


Searching For Tweets About IWMW

You way wish to search for Twitter posts ('tweets') about the forthcoming IWMW 2012 event. The following search tools are available: