Mechanisms for Promoting IWMW

During IWMW’s life we’ve always done our best to make sure that details reach the right target audience. Once you’ve been to IWMW and are in the loop you’re more than likely to hear about when the next one will be; but there may be people we’d like to come along but who don’t find out about it.

We thought it would be useful to share our promotion channels and give people the opportunity to comment on what we do and make suggestions for next year.

Web sites and blogs

We promote IWMW on the following Web sites:

Brian and I mention IWMW on our blogs:

We also encourage plenary speakers, parallel workshop facilitators and sponsors to blog and write about the event in the weeks before it.


Over the years we have promoted IWMW on a number of JISCMail list including the following:

We have in the past also sent email information about the event to Recently this hasn’t been particularly successful as the webmaster email address appears to be defunct or is being used as a support rather than a contact address.

Occasionally we email local Web teams and groups such as the scottishwebfolk JISCMail list.

Twitter, RSS and more

We regularly update the iwmw Twitter account and update the IWMW RSS feed (this is the 2011 news feed, a new feed is set up each year).

We use various social networking tools including:

If we have time we have printed out flyers and taken them to relevant events to hand out.

However at this year’s event a number of people told us that they hadn’t heard of the event until this year and could possible have missed the booking deadline. Are we missing other dissemination channels? Is there anywhere else we could be or should be promoting future IWMW events?

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2 Responses to Mechanisms for Promoting IWMW

  1. m.guy says:

    A comment from Ann Priestly on Twitter: has Web editor and social media groups, do you post details there?

    We will make sure we do this next year.

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