Searching For Semantic Information About IWMW10

4:29 pm in technologies by b.kelly

The search engine is described as a ‘Semantic Information Mashup’ service.   If you search for ‘iwmw10‘ you will find a whole host of resources, most, if not all, of which appear to relate to the IWMW 2010 event.  The search results tend to come from structured information sources such as blogs, popular Social Web services and various RSS feeds.

If you are looking to see what other shave said about the event might prove to be a useful starting point for your search.  Note that at the time of writing there are 46 sources which have been found.  If you search for iwmw you will find many more resources (200 at the time of writing) including those about previous IWMW events.

Search on for 'iwmw10'

Search on for 'iwmw10'

We hope you find this a useful resource.