Raising Awareness

"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

IWMW 2011 is the fifteenth workshop.
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Institutional Web Management Workshop 2011:
Responding to Change


The Adobe Connect service was used to provide the live video steaming at the IWMW 2011 event. A record of the discussion on the Adobe Connect chat channel is given below. Note that the event organisers suggested that in order to minimise fragmentation of discussion the #iwmw11 Twitter tag should be used to discuss the content of the talks. A Twapper Kepper archive of the #iwmw11 tweets is available.

In addition the list of the participants on the Adobe Connect channel is also given below.

Chat on Adobe Connect on day 1 - Tuesday 25 July 2011

  anne wilbourn: (7/27/2011 08:48) lancaster university
  mhawksey: (08:56) Edinburgh (not so sunny today)
  Marieke Guy: (08:56) Glad to see a few people up bright and early!
  David Mackland: (08:57) Hot showered, un-hungover and ready
  Drew McConnell: (12:03) Glasgow on a glorious sunny day. Pity I am in this dark office really...
  jenny b: (13:18) ormskirk edge hill uni


Chat on Adobe Connect on day 2 - Wednesday 25 July 2011

  Marieke Guy:It may be difficult to show everything Brian is showing but we'll do our best!
  Drew McConnell:Brian needs to use the mic
  Drew McConnell:cheers
  Marieke Guy:Any better?
  Drew McConnell:yep he can dance about as much as he likes now
  Marieke Guy:Google doc at
  Marieke Guy:Milly Shaw
  Marieke Guy:Don't have URL for blog aggregation service - sorry
  Marieke Guy:Found it at :
  Marieke Guy:Claire Gibbons
  Marieke Guy:Duncan Ireland
  Marieke Guy:Miles Banbury
  Marieke Guy:sorry Miles Banbery
  Marieke Guy:Chris Gutteridge
  David Mackland:hands up
  Tommy G:Yes, well done, thank you very much for broadcasting this


Participants on day 1 - Tuesday 25 July 2011

On the first day of the IWMW 2011 event there were 34 participants on the Adobe Connect live video stream:

  1. Alister Cattell
  2. Alison Coote
  3. Ann Wilbourn
  4. Ant
  5. Barney
  6. Ben s
  7. Bethan Sperduty
  8. Danny
  9. Darren Langlands
  10. Debbie Nicholson
  11. David Bailey
  12. David mackland
  13. H
  14. Hannah
  15. IWMW
  16. Leigh
  17. Martin
  18. Mark Fendley
  19. M Hawksey
  20. Michelle
  21. Mike Roch
  22. Neil Allison
  23. Nigel
  24. Paul Kelly
  25. Psychemedia
  26. Remote
  27. Rich Manley Reeve
  28. Sonja Van Praas
  29. Steve Gough
  30. Steve Rae
  31. Tommy G
  32. Web Packets
  33. Stephen Morgan
  34. Drew
  35. Kev Mears
  36. LCF
  37. Barney
  38. J4

Participants on day 2 - Wednesday 26 July 2011

On the second day of the IWMW 2011 event there were 39 participants on the Adobe Connect live video stream:

  1. Alison Fabian
  2. Anne Wilbourn
  3. Annindk
  4. D Mackland
  5. Drew Mcconell
  6. H
  7. J4
  8. Sue Beckingham
  9. JS Walters
  10. MB
  11. M Hawksey
  12. Mike McConnell
  13. Richard
  14. Rick
  15. Tommy G
  16. Webpackets
  17. Bethan Spurduty
  18. Richard Evans
  19. Steve Gough
  20. Jenny B
  21. Carol W
  22. David
  23. Alison Coote
  24. Hannah Cooper
  25. LR Mason
  26. J4 ipod
  27. Amy
  28. Salma
  29. Steve
  30. PeteJ
  31. Mark fendley
  32. Mark Carrigan
  33. Remote
  34. Kev Mears
  35. Dave c SH
  36. PaulG
  37. Fred
  38. X
  39. Psychemedia