Contributing to the Blog and Social Network

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Contributing to the IWMW 2010 Blog

The initial posts published on this blog have provided introductions to the IWMW 2010 organisers together with a summary of many of the areas which will be addressed at this year’s event.

In addition to posts from the organisers we would also welcome contributions from the wider community. This opportunity might be particularly relevant for speakers and workshop facilitators who wish to provide background information to their session in advance of the workshop, for example. However if you’re not running a session but feel that you have something relevant to say feel free to get it touch.  The contact for anyone wishing to write a guest blog post is Marieke Guy.

Contributing to the IWMW 2010 Social Network

In addition to blog posts as described in a post on Networking with BuddyPress the BuddyPress social network is also available. BuddyPress is available for use by participants and topics can cover a broad range of areas – the group on Sunday 11 July: Social Arrangements – (World Cup Final) provides a good example which is likely to be of interest to many who may be arriving at Sheffield that day before the start of IWMW 2010 (especially is England do manage to progress to the final!).

So feel free to initiate discussions on topics you feel will be of interest to fellow participants.