Locations of Speakers and Facilitators at IWMW Since 1997

9:15 am in general by b.kelly

The Web sites for all IWMW events since it was started back in 1997 are still available. Over the past couple of years we have migrated information about the events to a series of RSS files, including RSS files of the speakers and workshop facilitators at the events. Yahoo Pipes has been used to merge together these files. These files contain geo-location information of the host institution of contributors at the event: as can be seen from the images below speakers and workshop facilitators from around the country have shared their experiences over the past 13 years.

Speakers at IWMW events from 1997-2010Workshop facilitators at IWMW events from 1997-2010

It seems that there have been about 152 plenary speakers and 278 facilitators – although note that these are estimates and are not based on unique individuals (i.e. if a speaker gives a talk and runs workshop session they will be included twice and will also be included for every contribution made over the years). Also note that the locations typically gives the location of the host institution of the speaker (and we have not included location information for speakers from the commercial sector).

If you would like to explore this geo-location information for yourself you can use Yuan  to view information about the location of the workshop facilitators or, to demonstrate how an alternative mapping service can be easily used, use Acme.com to view the location of the speakers.

Also note that you can also make use of the Yahoo Pipes used to merge the speakers and facilitators RSS files. A page is also available which provides links to all of the RSS feeds we have provided.