The Role of IWMW

9:00 am in general by b.kelly

What is the IWMW event about?  Marieke Guy and Brian Kelly have given some thought to the event and reflected on how it has developed over the years.  In brief we feel that the IWMW event:

  • Aims to be the premier event for members of institutional Web teams in UK higher education.
  • Seeks to provide a forum for discussion, debate and sharing of best practices for supporting institutions in the provision of institutional Web services.
  • Will ensure that institutions are well-positioned to exploit innovative developments which can enhance their services.
  • Will provide a forum for JISC-funded developments to be shared across the community and for feedback to be obtained.
  • Will provide a cost-effective national service for the Web management community in the UK higher education sector.

We will seek to achieve these objectives by:

  • Providing an opportunity for innovative ideas and best practices to be shared across the sector.
  • Maximising the outreach of the content and discussions at event through use of  ‘amplification’ technologies.
  • Ensuring that we provide opportunities for user input and discussions at the event.
  • Continuing to implement developments to support the event including remote attendee support, event amplification, use of social networking tools, access to appropriate data related to the event, etc.
  • Ensuring feedback is systematically obtained.

Does that sound reasonable? We welcome your feedback and comments.