No Money? No Matter – Improve Your Website With Next To No Cash: Paul Boag

4:23 pm in plenaries by kirsty-pitkin

Lynda Bewley summarises Paul Boag’s plenary session


Paul Boag

Paul Boag illustrating a bloated website

With government funding being slashed many Higher Education institutions are reducing the budget assigned to web development. However, it is more important than ever to attract new students and the website is a key tool in this battle. How then, can you do more with less?
Paul’s talk aimed to answer this question with two key recommendations. The first was to simplify your site by scaling back legacy content and removing pages that are not reviewed regularly. The second was to move towards a more ‘agile’ approach to site development, rather than focus on the long-term ‘grand project’.
Paul’s view was that budgetary constraints provide an opportunity to break with tradition and change the way things are done, and to operate more like a commercial web environment in which return on investment is everything.
You can view a video of Paul’s talk along with the blog posts that inspired it on

Paul’s slides are available at Slideshare here.