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"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

IWMW 2012 is the sixteenth workshop.
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Institutional Web Management Workshop 2012:
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Workshop session C1: Responding to the Cookie Monster

C1: Responding to the Cookie Monster
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Tuesday 19th June 2012 from 16:00-17:30
Claire Gibbons, Bradford University and John Kelly, JISC legal.

Are our desires to develop user-focussed and personalised Web services in tatters in light of UK legislations which requires providers of Web services to ensure that users have opted in to use of cookies? After all the evidence from the experiences of the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) web site seems to suggest that users won't opt-in and without web analytics and storing user preferences in would appear impossible to develop such services?

This interactive workshop session will explore the background to the legislation and the guidance issued in December 2011 by the Information Commissioner's Office.

The session will address some of the key points from the guidance document, including the need for auditing cookie usage and ensuring users are informed in a clear and understandable fashion of why cookies are being used.

This session will provide an opportunity for participants to describe approaches being taken locally and explore best practices which may be used within the sector.

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Find out more about how UK Unis are responding to the "Cookie monster" in the 90 min session at #IWMW12:

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