Introduction to the IWMW 2011 blog

As in previous years we are using a blog to facilitate discussion about, and related to, this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop.

The Institutional Web Management Workshop (or IWMW) is an event for those involved in the creation of institutional (Higher Education and Further Education) Web sites. This year’s event will be 2 days long and will take place at the at the University of Reading from Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th July 2011.

The IWMW Web site provides more details on booking a place, the programme and speakers. While the Web site is the formal publishing mechanism for the event this blog will hopefully be the informal publishing/discussion outlet. It is available for all delegates, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, facilitators, remote attendees and any interested parties to use.

Although we want people to be involved it still makes sense for the blog to have some structure so we will be publishing posts related to lots of different aspects of IWMW including:

  • Plenary talks
  • Parallel sessions
  • Social activities including local pubs and meet ups
  • Transport to IWMW
  • Community ideas
  • Discussion topics

We will also be posting interviews with delegates, video and audio content and lots more. Much of this content is likely to be delivered during the event itself.

Enjoy the blog and let us know if you are interested in publishing a post.

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