IWMW Scoop.it

There is now an IWMW Scoop.it topic. Scoop.it is a fairly new site that “allows you to be the curator of your favorite topic“. You do this by creating a topic-centric media by adding relevant RSS streams.

Brian Kelly has recently more on the implications of using scoop.it in his post Potential for Scoop.it at Events.

At the moment the IWMW page currently contains content published by event organisers, primarily from this blog. We are hoping the Scoop.it page will become more interesting as more varied content is published about the event (ideally with the #iwmw11 event hashtag so that such content can be easily discovered) by those intending to attend the event or have an interest in the topics which will be addressed at the workshop.

We intend to update the IWMW 2011 Scoop.it page on a weekly basis over the next few weeks and then see if we can update it more frequently during the event itself.

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