Follow up on Plone session in 2009

10:41 am in workshops by guest

Last year I (Helen Sargan, Web Manager, University of Cambridge) ran a parallel session on choosing Plone for a CMS pilot (Another step closer to a CMS – dallying with Plone). This went ahead and the first site will be published shortly, with several more at pilot stage. If anyone is interested I can catch them up with how the project progressed, or if there are several we could retire to a room and I could show you round the vanilla site that users get on set-up, and what’s been done with it, and what issues we came (and are coming) up against.

This year I will be facilitating a session on Stylesheets for mobile/smartphones. There are strategies with stylesheets that will give a better experience for users of mobile devices and the session will look at how these strategies work and whether they help enough to be worth pursuing. Please do come along.