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10:00 am in barcamps by m.guy

BarCamps have been a part of IWMW for the past two years and they’ve proved to be really popular. A BarCamp is defined in Wikipedia as a user generated conference whose content is provided by participants. At IWMW events they are impromptu sessions that are not planned too much in advance but often evolve through the experience had by delegates at the event – short, informal knowledge sharing sessions!

However we don’t mind a little bit of planning and they are also an opportunity for people to give the presentation they wanted to submit to the call, but for some reason couldn’t get in on time. They are a chance to talk about:

  • A technology you are currently working with (you could demonstrate the technology)
  • A project you are currently working on
  • A discussion area you feel strongly about
  • Anything you can think of related to the Web and HE/FE

Alternately you could run a user group or just get a lot of people together to ask what they think about something. Basically anything goes!

This year we have a 1 hour 15 minute slot for BarCamps on Tuesday (day 2) afternoon. We’d like to have 30 minutes for a BarCamp with 15 minutes change over time. We have 9 rooms available but are also happy for people to use the bar, restaurant or sit outside (if the weather suits). There should be good WiFi access around the venue so anywhere goes too. This means that we have 18+ slots for people to use.

We’ll have a sign-up board available in the information area but you are also welcome to float your BarCamp ideas on the blog or send your idea over to me.

Further information is available from the IWMW 2010 BarCamp page.