Site Confidence Load Testing Prize

3:13 pm in sponsors by guest

Site Confidence is pleased to offer a day of load testing as a great prize for the IWMW prize draw. The winner will benefit from Site Confidence’s external load testing services for websites and web applications. No costly software or hardware implementation is required, nor major training courses. Our commitment to the winner will include:

  • Pre-project preparation – our consultant will check requirements and success factors to ensure a positive outcome is achieved.
  • Scripts – working with you, we will prepare and test the scripts in the journey through the site to be used for the load test.
  • Test Day – the testing portal will be opened to test and re-test as many times as required in the day, allowing tests and fixes to be made “live”.
  • Training and support – we will train staff to enable as much self-help as possible and during the test day, we remain on hand at the end of a phone, if needed.
  • Test Results – the results are clear and detailed in the testing portal and will remain available for reference for the following 12 months.

The benefit for the winner of this prize will be a thoroughly checked site for capacity limits and weaknesses, so that problems can be quickly identified and corrections made. The confidence gained from having this knowledge prior to a launch is invaluable, as is the assurance of a successful launch.

We wish the best of luck to all delegates and look forward to working with the winner!