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"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

IWMW 2009 is the thirteenth workshop.
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Institutional Web Management Workshop 2009

Parallel Session: Exposition, Cliffhanger, Resolution

A1: "Exposition, Cliffhanger, Resolution"
Russell Allen, Project Manager, University of Bradford and Claire Gibbons, Web Manager, University of Bradford
The final (?) chapter in the adventure that is 'The University of Bradford CMS project'. After last year's Aberdeen Adventure which left our plucky band of projecteers hovering with ink-laden quill over a contract to TerminalFour...what happened next? How have we gone about implementation? How have we changed as we move from implementation to adoption? Where does a 'green-field' Web team start? Is change management still important? And most importantly, have we learnt anything that can be usefully shared with a wider audience? Claire and Russell hope to enliven the narrative for possibly the final time and reveal whether the heroes are rewarded, the baddies punished and seek to discover whether we can all live happily ever after...
Contact Details:
Russell Allen
University of Bradford
Phone: +44 (0) 1274 232323
Claire Gibbons
University of Bradford
Phone: +44 (0) 1274 232323