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"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

IWMW 2009 is the thirteenth workshop.
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Institutional Web Management Workshop 2009

Plenary Talk P1: Headlights on Dark Roads

#P1: "Headlights on Dark Roads"
Derek Law, Emeritus Professor, Information Resources Directorate, University of Strathclyde
Derek will review the recent history of libraries and the challenges now facing them. He will discuss changes in the external environment, in user behaviour and requirements and explores whether libraries will continue to be needed and the knock-on effect this will have for institutional Web sites. He will also consider whether libraries still have - or can find - a unique selling point which adds value to the academic process and gives a personal view of what that might be.
Contact Details:
Professor Derek Law
Turnbull Building
University of Strathclyde
155 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RD
Phone: +44 (0) 141 548 4997


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