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"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

IWMW 2010 is the fourteenth workshop. This year's theme is 'The Web in Turbulent Times'.
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Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010

Parallel Session B8: Looking at Linked Data

B8: Looking at Linked Data
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Tuesday 13th July 2010 16:00-17:30
Chris Gutteridge, Web Projects Manager, University of Southampton.

Linked data is a buzzword right now, but what does it mean to university web teams?

In this session we'll cover what people are likely to come to expect from a university website over the next couple of years. The message is Don't Panic. You will come away from the session with an idea of what is and is not practical, and some of the technical and political issues involved in providing useful Linked Data.

This session will avoid overlapping content with the RDFa from theory to practice session.

Contact Details

Chris Gutteridge
The University of Southampton
University Road
SO17 1BJ
Phone: +44 (0) 23 8059 5000


Photo of Chris GutteridgeChris Gutteridge has been running the Web Systems for the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, since 1997 and still isn't bored. He is also lead developer of the award winning EPrints repository software, used by hundreds of organisations. He strongly believes that tedious work should be done by computers, not people.


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Blog post
A blog post about this session is available which was written by Chris Gutteridge, the workshop facilitator.


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