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"The IWMW event provides an opportunity for those involved in the provision of institutional Web services to hear about institutional case studies, national initiatives and emerging technologies and to actively participate in a number of parallel sessions."

IWMW 2013 is the seventeenth workshop.
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Institutional Web Management Workshop, IWMW 2013
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This page provides access to the following information:

Video Interviews From IWMW 2013

The followinbg video interviews were taken during the IWMW 2013 event:

  • The Value of IWMW (4 minute long video with contributions from Cable Green, Doug Belshaw, Cameron Neylon, Martin Hamilton, Amber Thomas, David Cornforth, Colin Work, Dai Griffiths, Helen Sargan and Janet McKnight)
  • The Future of IWMW (4 minute long video with contributions from Cameron Neylon, Ranjit Sidhu, Laura Murphy, Mark Power and Brian Kelly)
  • IWMW Sponsors (2 minute long interview with Ranjit Sidhu and Laura Murphy)
  • Highlights of IWMW 2013 (6 minute long video with contributions from Cable Green, Cameron Neylon, Ranjit Sidhu, Amber Thomas,David Cornforth, Colin Work, Helen Sargan, Janet McKnight and Martin Hamilton.)

Live Video Stream of Plenary Talks at IWMW 2013

This page provided details of the live video stream for IWMW 2013 plenary talks. The video streaming was provided by BUCS, the Computing Services department at the University of Bath using the Panopto service.

This page provides information on about the Panopto service, testing the Panopto service and the times and links for the live video stream

About the Panopto Service

Panopto requires Silverlight installed on clients. There are free clients available for MS Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. Before viewing you are advised to check the viewing requirements.

The Panopto service captured/streamed the speaker's screen (typically the MS Powerpoint display) from the lecture room PC. As the camera was in a fixed location it was recommended that presenters remain in view of the camera (behind the lectern) in order to be seen.

The sessions were recorded with the intention of making the recordings available after the event.

Written permissions were required from all presenters (see the consent forms).

All delegates were informed at the start of the event that the sessions would be streamed and recorded.


You should check that your computer is suitably configured to view the live video stream. You can use the University of Bath Open Day for testing purposes.


The timetable for the live video streaming is given below.

Date/time Session name URL
Wed 26 June (morning: 10.10 - 12.45) Opportunities and Openness Link
Wed 26 June (afternoon: 13:55 - 15:45) Supporting Key Institutional Drivers Link
Thur 27 June (morning: 08:55 - 12:45) Theme: The User Experience / Theme: The Changing Technical Landscape Link
Thur 27 June (afternoon: 13:55 - 15:45) The View From Outside Link
Fri 28 June (morning: 09:25 - 13:15) Institutional Case Studies / What Does The Future Hold? Link